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Long time no see
It has been over 2 years that I didnt post anything here. There were so much unhappy things in the past 2 years, I feel complicated when I read my bolg 2 years ago. feeling is so down... 

what happen??
 I found myself is fully lost, I feel very very confuse, what happen? what happen to me??

Eason's song
I always be touched by Eason's songs anytime, anywhere,
I always can find resonance within his songs,
I always be gone through by his songs...

    Can you tell me if I misunderstand something, or if I've throught a bit much,  I am lost, I feel confuse,  I dont have the six sense,  I dont know what others are thinking, what others want, who can teach me how to know someone's heart, I dont want to keep myselft confuseing, I do want to get a clear answer, a clear result!  
    Please......  thank you!!!

what will you do?

When you are interested in something, or someone, what will you do?

3D experience - Avatar

  Finally, I went to experience 3D last Sun with Wing, Avatar-- a famous movie in yr09, which has made people all over the world crazy. it also make me curious, then I decide to experence it and feel it's momentum.
Cool!!  3D visual effect is so cool! worth of having a look!  but I still feel it beyond my expectation, it would be great if it get more realistic.
In a word, it is wonderful! expecting the next 3D movie~~

worried & concern

This title is one of my homework in globalEnglish,


Film is a warning to our humans, I think yr2012 is not the doomsday, but it makes me concerned that there will be something happen at that time or in future, it indeed make me worried about our living place, our earth and environment. actually, humans have made such a destroy to our earth, which will also cause nemesis back to humans.
I hope everybody can fully aware of what is going on of our environment, let's well protect our earth!

Nothing ever happened

Hey, you once called me your baby
say it for the last time
with all your strength and meaning it this time

Hey, you once promised me the world
but I never asked for it
but I never asked for it

Hey, you once praised me beautiful
why I'd get get weaker
why would I get weaker

oh Please, please don't,
I am so scared, scared you're too perfect for me
or am I too naive for you

either way it's too late
too late for regrets, I'm hurrrrrrt
leave me out of love
leave love out, leave me out

hey, let's just pretend
nothing ever happened
nothing ever happened

hey, let's just pretend
nothing ever happened
nothing nothing never ever happened

bad day in family day
        I cannot image that I had a bad FD yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

holiday finishes
 Having Chinese New Year Holiday for 5days, I am going to work tomorrow, we dont have a 7-days holiday like others, thinking having to work again, I feel a little annoy, actually,  I dont like this job , I dont like such company management, I cant see any future in this company. Many of staff work hard together to get throught the global market economic crisis in yr08 & yr09, we are glad that the bussiness is getting to recoveried in yr09, but we also disappointed that we dont get anything after hard work...

by 2010-2-17



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