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Spring Festival is coming
The Spring Festival is coming soon! ( 13th, Feb.)
there is one hour left to off and to have my Chinese New Year Holiday!
these days, every family is busy with the preparation for Spring Festival. so do my family.
The one of the most traditional and characteristic of Spring Festival in our Canton (Guangzhou) is" flower street",
dont know which word is for it. but form "flower street", you can image that there is a street, which is fill with beautiful flowers,
We Guangzhou local people would like to walk along that street, hoping to have a good luck in the coming year,
Yesterday was the first open day of flower street, I, Dad and mother had a walk, so nice!
Mother bought some flower, I bought a windmill, wish a good year!
Tomorrow is the New Year's eve, we, the whole family will have dinner together. this is the most important
meal for our Chinese.  An abundant dinner.

write something
8th, Feb.  Monday,  Cloudy

After some treatments, my neck is still suffering, 
I am going to ask for sick leave this week and go to hospital again, the pain really makes me worried, I hope my neck will recovery before Chinese New Year!!!
I am aware deeply now, it is very very important to protect our neck, which is one of the important part of our human vertebra.
the pain is a signal that there is something wrong with our neck, and it's also a warning to remind us that we have to do some timely measures so as to prevent deterioration from our body. Of course, taking care of our body everyday is the most important thing!
Yesterday is raining all day,  I went to hospital for cupping, after then, I want to hair salon for haircut, but cannot found that handsome hairdresser.
Hopefully, haveing a new hairstyle, everything will gose smoothly and gose well!
Being a job hunter again, I feel a littler scare, less confidence.after all,  I have not been a job hunter for a long time,  I need to start to make well preparation for my interview from now on, I know job hunting is not easy for me, what I can do now is try my best, and make a good preparation!!!
Trust myself!  I can!


      Today, I am told that I am lost the opportunity leading GlobalEnglish, because the quota has to be cut a half by headquarter!!! As I have not done the test at the moment, so I miss the opportunity. shoot! only 10th, Feb is the dead day for testing, why this can be the reason that I and some other colleagues are deselected??? is it reasonable?

     Anyway, I have not any more energy and spirit working here anymore, I have made decision to hunt another better job after Chinese New Year. but of course, I will start my new career search from now on,
I dont need to care about the training, I also can upgrade by myself, I always have my upgrade planning,
I, of course, improve my English skill through my resources. 

bad day

I am going to be crazy!!! I find myself is in a gloomy way all the day!!
what happen to myself ??

where is the passion when you need it the most????
I am almost lost my passion.
I do have a bad day like what Daniel Powter sings,
no wonder I like this song so much...

it is really a mournful thing when someone lose his/her passion, lost his/her hope for life,
but I am indeed become the one! 

where is my sunshine?
I would wanna be happy and confident, girl of this kind is charming, at least I think that is,
do u think so?
some said I become more beautiful, which makes me happy a lot, ^-^
but I still have to fact to the suffering of job......


This moment, I feel complicated inside, dont want to do anything, actually, now is working hours, I should have gotten busy with my job, but it is just a bit free than last some weeks, I can browse the internet randomly, chat with friends on QQ. why, I feel there is a stone inside my heart, feel that someting is pending, oh, my sky!!!
This is terrible feeling!!! 
maybe it because I am still waitting for T&D department feedack on my GlobalEnglish test account, others had received that email on last Thursday, only me!! why, only missing me, ok, call him again!!
Today is the first day of study, it is so disappointed that I have not gotten my account, so bad, Jack from T&D said will help me to check it, hopefully, I can receive it within today!!
On the other side,  I am told by today that the newcomer will quit this Thur. I have to pick up some of her account temporarily as well, FUCK!! even thought I am a gentle lady and I know this word is vulgarity, but I have to speak it for this fuck thing!! I am already overload working, but I have to pick up much more job, I only have 2 hands, even if giving me more 2 hands, I still cannot finish such huge number of job!!! 
Cross my fingers!!! Hope that I can deal with the issues in the coming days, My friends, pls pray for me, thanks a lot!!
----Yeah!!!  I just receive the email from GlobalEnglish, I get the test account, I can do the test la!!!! Good Good study!!!

Notes on weekend
2010 Jan 22,  10:39:09PM

Another cold weather arrived to Canton at yesterday night,   I felt a bit cold when getting up this earlier moring,   I felt so tired,  as didn't sleep well last night.  I fell asleep unconsciously last night when listening to the radio,  which was emceed by Chan Sir. a popular man,  who has disappeared on TV shows for one year, we Cantonese love him very much.

Do you remember him? 

and there is a soft, familiar background music ,  this radio shows reminds me a lot the college times, becasue I almost listened it every night at that time,   it makes me quitet, relax, you can leart something from it.

 I think it is a good program for someone to calm down at night after working all day like a crazy, such as for me!



non-stop ...

2010 Jan 20, 10:02:44PM

Finally, it is day end now, I can sit by the desk and write down something and have a deep breath. I indeed feel exhausted, the non-stop trouble stuff of work really bother me!! the non-stop emails, non-stop trivial issues, non-stop paper work.......dont know how to deal with such large numbers of issues. Sometimes, I miss those days we worked in Tianhe office, I could OT to finish the extra work at the least, let's say, it was more flexible for me to work.

Blue days, may I have a break during the working hrs everyday?? what really makes me feel sad is I am complained or am challenged even though I work hard.   I was blamed this morning when I am back to office, because of a mistaked email yesterday, it was thought of as a mistake email by the management, oh, I should have reviewed more detail, and discussed internally first before sending out such sensitive email to customer, just in case of making customer anger, and losing POs. 

OK, I will pay more attention to such cases, maybe it is better to check with JL for every important email before sending.......

Hopefully, there will be less trouble stuff tomorrow...

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He's just not that into you
2010 Jan 13 1:06:46PM

Girls are taught a lot of stuff growing up:

    If a guy punches you, he likes you. Never try to trim your own bangs. And someday you will meet a wonderful guy and get your very own happy ending. And your commitment to each other.


Every movie we see, every story we're told, imploress us to wait for it.The third act twist: The unexpected declaration of love, the expception to the rule.


 But sometimes we're so focused on finding our happy ending, we don't learn how to read the signs. How to tell the ones who want us from the ones who don't. The ones who will stay from the ones who will leave. And maybe this happy ending doesn't include a wonderful guy. Maybe it's you, on your own, picking up the pieces and starting over. Freeing yourself up from something better in the future. Maybe the happy ending is just moving on!


Or maybe the happy ending is this: knowing that through all the unreturned phone calls and broken hearts, through all the bunders and misread signals, through all of the pain and embarrassment, you never, ever gave up hope!

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Good morning
2010 Jan 12,  6:42,22AM

It's another cold day,I've got a cold.:( it's very very difficult to get up so early in the cold morning,but have to do it,no way,I have to find a better life,a better job,so that I can earn a better life for my family!

My Day
2010, Jan 11, 9:42,36PM

It is also busy day today. too many trouble issues,why? But talking on QQ amount busy moment can relax me. Sam maybe come to review our performet tomorrow...


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